About the company

Seer philosopher and Guru Shrii Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar also known as Shrii Shrii Anandamurtijii, turned to music as music touches the deepest chords in human hearts. The founder-preceptor of a global mission, Ananda Marga, started composing Prabhat Samgiit on 14th September 1982 with the lyrics ‘Oh Parama Purusa, lead me on towards the fountain of effulgence’ in the calm and serene surroundings at Deoghar of Bihar, India.

Prabhat Samgiit has been composed in eight languages – Bengali, Sanskrit, Hindi, Urdu, English, Angika, Magadhii and Maethili. These songs are in a wide spectrum of melodic styles like tappa, baul, jhumur, kiirtana, khayal, ghazal & qawwali etc and are also in various tunes like- Scandinavian, Persian, Israeli and Iberian, Indian classical and folk tunes. The themes of the songs include mysticism, spiritual fulfillment, optimism, social awareness, celebration, nature, children’s songs, and songs on Lord Shiva and Lord Krsna, covering the gamut of human existence and transcending it to embrace the plant and animal worlds,and the inanimate world as well. This music lights the lamp of love in every heart; for transforming life, love is the key and love divine is devotion. The present day human society is shaken by wars, conflicts and strife, plagued by poverty, exploitation, hunger, ignorance and disease. Spread of Prabhat Samgiita will usher in neo-renaissance and bring hope for better human society.


His contributions to humanity are multifarious. His discourses are on Spirituality, Ontology, Anthropology, History, Rahralogy etc. These discourses have been published in over 200 books in different languages. His writings on philology and comparative grammar and literature are voluminous and very educative.

His socioeconomic theory PROUT is the only alternative to Communism and Capitalism and, is the solution to all problems of human society. Evaluation of the growth of human society and individual only on the basis of material achievements are not accepted in PROUT. The spiritual and mental advancements in collective and individual lives in a society are the also one of the criteria of progress. PROUT (Progressive Utilisation Theory) says that the minimum requirements of everybody in society are to be guaranteed by the Government for true progress.

Establishments of Co-operatives in different fields can bring prosperity in human society. Decentralized economic system instead of centralized or promotion of individual ownership cannot develop exploitation-free society. Morality and Spirituality should be the base of human life. He dreamed of a classless exploitation-free human society where human beings as well as all living and non-living creatures get right treatment on earth. He teaches that human society is one and indivisible. The problems of earth have to be solved collectively. The theory of Microvita by Him is a new guidance in the field of science.

Ananda Marga mission is spread in over 180 countries due to His inspiration and persuasion. Thousands of schools, many Children’s Homes, Charitable Clinics and integrated rural development centres, relief centres and other charity activities are started by the organization throughout the globe. The in-depth teachings of Prarambhik Yoga, Sadharan yoga, Sahaja yoga, Vishesa Yoga, Raja yoga, Rajadhiraja yoga and Microvita sadhana are unparalleled. He says that men and women should have equal rights in society and there should be co-ordinated relationship between them not sub-ordinated one. A man who could speak all languages of the world and healed the pain of millions of hearts, gave life to many dead persons, could see the past, present and future of all is never to be forgotten.