Rules and Regulations of PSF 2023


After completion of registration all singers from the age of 15 to 45 years can participate the singing competition but singers who had voiced in Prabhat Samgiit (Solo) album cannot do that. The date of birth of the participants must be after 30.09.1978 and age should be above 15 years but not more than 45 years. Registration fee-300.


A Participant has to sing only one Prabhat Samgiit from the selected 15 prabhat Samgiit listed for the competition. Those who will pass in audition they can participate next stage (Qualifier). Song for the audition has to be recorded without any instrument and to be sent via WhatsApp or email. Result will be informed via WhatsApp.


Those who pass in audition will get chance to appear in this stage of competition. In qualifier stage competitors who will obtain 60% or more marks will be eligible for the next stage (Pre-final). There will be 3 (three) Judges for judgement and each competitor will have to sing two songs out of these fifteen songs . Date, place and time of competition of this stage will be informed to the contestants by WhatsApp. Result of this stage will also be apprised to the participants similarly.


There will be three judges for judgement and each competitor will have to sing 3(three) songs out of these 15 songs. Among the participants top10 persons obtaining highest marks will be promoted to the final stage.


Participants promoted to final level will have to go through grooming process compulsorily.


This Round of competition will be held among top 10 singers from Pre-final. There will be 3 (three) celebrity judges for judgments and the competitors will have to sing 1 song out of these 15 songs chosen by lottery system. There will be three chances. The number of each song and the first line of the song written on a folded paper will be kept in a container. one will be asked to pick up one folded paper from fifteen folded song papers at random . In case of first picked up song if one is not confident enough one can avail second chance. Even if one is not confident in the second picked up song one can go for the third chance. But one has to sing a song out of these three picked up songs.Each time the song which will be sung by the contestant will be minus from a total of fifteen songs. Gradually the number will be decreased to 6 songs for the tenth contestant. The tenth contestant will get three attempts to select one song for him or her. In this level general knowledge of Prabhat Samgiit and songs will be also verified. The final will be held in Studio set-up. The 1st, 2nd and 3rd rank holders will be awarded INR 1, 00,000/-, INR 75,000/- and INR 50,000/- respectively. The participants ranking from 4th to 10th will be awarded with consolation prize. Consolation prize is INR 5,000/- each. The one who gets 1st position will be declared Prabhat Samgiit Ratna and 2nd and 3rd position holders will be declared Prabhat Samgiit Tri-Ratna. Date, venue and time of finals will be informed well in advance. Only 1,2 & 3 rank holders will be allowed to sing in Award Ceremony.

Competition Stage

In every stage of competition the decision of judges will be considered final. No argument will be accepted.

Any Change

If there is any change of venue or schedule for any unexpected reason, it will be informed to participants in advance.

Board & lodging

Board & lodging and conveyances will have to be arranged by the participants themselves.

The 1st position holder in the final

The 1st position holder in the final round of Competition will get chance to sing in the Album of Prabhat Samgiit and may have a chance to participate in Cultural programs organized time to time in India and abroad. The Organizing Committee may propose TV presentation of Prabhat Samgiit by him / her in future.

Qualifier stage to final stage

Right from Qualifier stage to final stage all songs sung by all participants will be video recorded for review and documentary purposes. Edited video may be telecasted in future for publicity purpose.

After Last Date

Forms will not be accepted after the last date of registration.

Grooming Compulsory

Grooming is compulsory for top ten contestants. Singers who are eligible for grooming will have to bear basic grooming cost.

Awards Ceremony Day

All awards and certificates will be issued only on Awards Ceremony Day.

Advised to Participants

Participants are advised to pronounce the lyrics (words) of the songs correctly and properly. Marks will be deducted for wrong pronunciation, incomplete or wrong singing. Songs must be sung as per the selected songs provided for competition. Rhythm and tune should be followed strictly.

Participants Photo

The name and photo of each participant will be published in PSF post event Souvenir. It will be published digitally as well as in hard copy version for circulation among the members worldwide. Participants can collect their hard copy on payment of Rs 200 or can print digital version from website.

Personal details

Personal details of participants will be kept confidential and could be used to notify about future programs by PSF team.


All participants will have to complete their registration by submitting their details and paying donation of Rs. 300/- (Three hundred) online or manually on or before the last date of registration i.e. 30/06/2023. Money can be transferred to PSF account by phone pay or Google Pay and then send scanned transaction information with Registration number to our designated mobile number. All contestants will be provided automatic registration number (if it is done on line otherwise number will be issued if it is done physically in the office. This registration number will have to be presented at the time of verification. Proof of Birth’s date is a must. Original Aadhaar card or any legal document has to be produced at the time of confirming registration at the reception.


Use of decent dress by participants during the programs will be appreciated.